Next Boot Camp:  April 3 – 6, 2013

Schedule & Deadlines

To get the most out of your Boot Camp experience, you’ll need to meet deadlines as scheduled below.
Please block an hour out of your day one or two days prior to the deadline.  You will be learning new
marketing material, but the deadlines force you to make a plan for implementing the material – very important!

If you have any questions, email Angela at

Wednesday, April 3rd

Boot Camp Begins!   You should have reviewed the “Introductory webinar” and started looking at the online courses.

You will receive links to recorded webinars and passwords to live ones.

You must have watched these webinars (30 minutes each, except “Presentations” – 60 min):

  • Client Retention & Referrals
  • E-Marketing 101  
  • Presentations that Connect With Your Ideal Client
  • The Profitable Revenue Mix     

Questionnaire due to Angela

Thursday, April 4th

Have watched these webinars:

  • Systems for Growing a Business   
  • Email, Social Media, SEO and Your Site 
  • 5 Great Ideas to Get Web Exposure

Ideal Client Profile worksheet due to Angela by 6:00 pm

Web marketing outline due to Angela by 6:00 pm


Have watched these webinars:

  • Your Brand      
  • Setting the Perfect Price    

Branding worksheet due to Angela by noon

Income sources worksheet (current and goals) due to Angela by 6:00 pm


Have watched these recorded webinars:

  • Attracting People to an Event   
  • Networking Success  
  • 10 Ways to Sell Smarter     
  • Selling the Investment of Health    

     Live Webinar – Q&A 1:00 pm central time   

Saturday, Sunday and Monday:   Angela available via cell phone for questions

Monday, April 8th:    Marketing Plan due to Angela

Week of April 8th (to be scheduled):  one-on-one phone consult with Angela to plan execution of marketing plan.

“See” you soon at Boot Camp!